¨I don´t have much game¨ rapper Nyashinski shares as he looks forward to marriage and a bunch of kids

Popular Kenyan rapper, Nyashinski lives a private life away from the world of music and being an introvert might have also affected his openness with the opposite sex.

The ¨Now You Know¨ singer disclosed:

I am a very introverted person.

The person I am on stage is not the person I am off stage.

He depicts that there are actually two sides of him, on 2 different platforms but luckily fame found it´s way in his direction:

Some people were born for fame, I wasn´t.

Mine just found me.

However, fame too carries along it´s drawbacks:

Sometimes I just want to go somewhere and just be, but I can´t.

And some people can misinterpret that; think I am a snob.

Love life

Speaking about his life away from music, rather a family setting of his own, Nyamari Ongegu shares:

You know these guys who will have a girl laughing out loud in 2 seconds?

Well, I am not that guy.

I don´t have much game.

Unfortunately, he might find his way around the mic pretty easy but when it comes to the ladies, his tune is off beat.

It takes a while for a girl to realise I have a great personality.

Also, attracting a genuine girl is a little tough for me, and when I do, they tend to think I have a harem of girls thanks to what I do.

However, all hope is not lost for the former Kleptomaniax artist as he still aspires to build a home of his own:

So now I give it time, if it works it does, if not, too bad.

And don´t ask me if I am dating anyone now because I won´t answer that.

Let´s keep the Nyashinski mystery on.

But someday, I will want a wedding and a bunch of kids.

The Kenyan artist affirms that his personal life remains low-key.

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