¨I found my guy secretly cheating on me on Valentine´s Day¨ Victoria Kimani painfully recalls

Kenyan R&B singer, Victoria Kimani has revealed that Valentine´s Day brings back ill memories of how her guy cheated on her but still lied about it.

Sadly, she realized her man was cheating via social media but he pathologically lied about it. He even denied the side chick´s existence.

A fateful day that freezes her nerves every time Valentine´s day approaches – because for her it will never be the same again.

Throw back to Valentine´s Day 2016…when I was living in Gbagada???? …and I found out the guy I was dating had a secret girlfriend (thanks to social media)… Whom he lied about her existence completely???? I was fully and beautifully invested in a love that never existed… The stars I saw when I looked at him…Valentine´s day became an anniversary for that horrible day.

I was fully and beautifully invested in a love that never existed – Victoria Kimani sobs

Talking of this day and age, when guys are unfaithful 24/7, it irks her just to know that it is real and happening.

Fast forward to today…I´m seeing guys I know that cheat 364 days a year and today acting like love itself online❤️. I´m not saying I´m not optimistic anymore or that I don´t believe the beautiful love stories flooding my timeline now….

Girls and boys…stay woke – Vicky Kimani pens

Unfortunately, the events have raised an alarm for her and she is pretty cautious and alert when it comes to getting attached to someone else.

I´m just saying…girls and boys…stay woke????Lawddd????????#POSTANDDELETE ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? lying ass neegaz!!!!!!!! Ok, I´m a little irritated, but…I´m trying to be more honest with you all about how I really feel… I hope that´s ok! ❤️❤️❤️.

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