¨I have kept aside all evidence for my son about his dad, when he grows up – Bridget Achieng confesses

Kenyan mompreneur, Bridget Achieng´ has apparently kept aside all the evidence about her negligent baby daddy for their son, when he grows up.

The actress is a single mom to a son, whose father denied him, once she turned 3 months pregnant.

Up and close on Citizen TV, the socialite spoke of how her then-boyfriend wanted her to terminate the pregnancy but she declined.

I was pregnant and he was OK with it (at first) but three months later, he asked me to abort. I refused.

The pain the rejection caused her and the wounds left behind, could only be solved by speaking about it.

That is why I decided to speak about it so I could try to heal.

Bridget single-handedly raises her son despite the man and his family coming back to her life.

Sekani is very tight with his grandfather and they even video call but I am very petty.

Bridget Achieng´s all-grown son, Sekani

She further divulged:

I have kept for Sekani all the evidence of how his dad neglected him, it will be upon him to decided what to take in.

Bridget Achieng´ with her son

Closing off, the well-endowed beauty said:

I want the best for my son as he is my best friend.

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