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¨I miss you so much!¨ Willis Raburu pens tear-jerking letter to his departed daughter

January 17, 2020 at 09:16
¨I miss you so much!¨ Willis Raburu pens tear-jerking letter to his departed daughter

Moments have been pretty soulful for Willis Raburu and his wife, who sought a getaway in order to revitalize. This time, he penned a long emotional letter to his late daughter.

Through his Instagram page – that we must admit has been pretty dormant apart from the status updates – the media personality started off:

My beautiful daughter, some days are easy some days are so hard.

Lost deep in thoughts, the girl´s daddy visualized:

Today I woke up trying to imagine what it would be like to watch you sleep, ( that’s the only image I have of you) what it be like you hold warm fingers, what a sleepless night would feel like. What it would be like to go to work tired Koz you kept me up at night, who you would look like now? what color of your skin? if you would drink as much milk as I did when I was your age.

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Sad goodbyes

It´s as if he was talking to her face-to-face, as he colored her world.

My daughter, you are an angel now, or so they tell me and when I look up to the sky sometimes I cry, sometimes I sometimes I laugh,I want you to make so much noise in heaven, or in the multi-verse you are in. I want you to have all your the people who are with you there say “Yeap that’s Willis’ child”. I miss you so much, it’s funny that I have a picture of you but even before I look at it, your face is engrained in my heart, etched in my soul, tattooed in my very essence.

Closing off, Willis painfully admitted:

My daughter, my sweet lovely beautiful daughter, I’m sorry that you have to see daddy weak and in grief and not the pillar of strength that you and your mother need, but my daughter, daddy loves you, since He listens to you talk to Him and tell Him, daddy doesn’t understand but daddy needs help. Rest In Palaces, RIP because you are royalty. 👼🏾👸🏾#QueenAdana

The Citizen TV journalist went ahead to shave bald as he mourned the loss of his most anticipated gift.


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