¨I repeat Man down!!¨ Betty Kyallo´s punchline in response to a fan sends the Internet into a frenzy

Betty Kyallo has been trolled in regard to her weight gain couple times but she did not think twice to spare a fan who allegedly claimed he could be her personal gym trainer, asking him to do it on her behalf.


One Kipchumba Kelvin commented after Betty Kyallo shared a glamorous snap of herself during the Kenya Wedding Awards:

In your free time go to gym and hire me to be your personal trainer

However, a fan had an entirely different view:

Thick women save lives..This is tried and tested.. Betty maintain tu hapo, bora ukue flexible kidogo tu.

Someone call 911 man down. I repeat Man down!!
Heeee Never mistake Betty’s smiles for a weakness. She got lethal weapon, she shoots through the tongue and you scamper for help.

Cheeeeeeeese, Niokotwe Hapa Mihrab

Boychild needs to do a miraculous comeback similar to what we saw this week

Boychaod..????????????????… DESTRUCTION 100000000…

????????????????????????Man Down

hii tackle ni kali ????????????????

????????????good one.

Woi…… That is a bomb last!!! Khai! please sign the petition I sent you and anyone else who is against abuse towards women please sign. I want this thing in parliament so that the president can make a rule like he did with cyber bullying.

rough tackle????????????

Hio ndio punch line uyo adeactivate account

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