¨I´m not here for the stunts. Whatever you saw, that´s how it is¨ Rayvanny clarifies on his breakup

Image: Rayvanny confirms breakup with baby mama, Fahyma

Wasafi´s finest, Rayvanny´s breakup with his baby mama, has brewed controversy with many speculating that it is but a public stunt he is trying to pull.

However, he dismisses the rumors confirming that the two indeed had a split after things didn´t go well between them.

The headlines implied that Rayvanny´s ¨I Love You¨ featured video vixen, Nana was the obstacle in his relationship with Fahyma.


Rayvanny´s baby mama, Fahyvanny (left) and the video vixen he is alleged of cheating with, Nana (right)

Seeking to clarify to masses, the Bongo artist told Wasafi media:

I don´t know anything to do with stunts. I´m living my life. When I release the music, my fans receive it well. Since I started, I don´t do anything like a publicity stunt. I´m not here for the stunts. Whatever you saw, that´s how it is.

Despite being labelled as a homewrecker, Nana received a ton of praises from Vanny Boy who expressed:

Nana and I are not in a relationship. She is in a relationship that she respects so much. I thank her for shooting the video with me. The video is nice because it is real and romantic. I wanted it to be the way it is.


From her end, these were just lies doing the rounds.

I heard that Fahyma had shared a post about me. I was just doing my work and nothing else. I have had a headache since that issue occurred. We took many photos and that was part of my job. Rayvanny and I are just friends, there is no romantic relationship. I am in a public relationship with my boyfriend so I cannot do stupid things we´ve been together for 3 to 4 years now.

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