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¨It was mean, it was awful¨ Sheila Mwanyigha recalls online trolls that nearly took her life

May 10, 2019 at 09:21
¨It was mean, it was awful¨ Sheila Mwanyigha recalls online trolls that nearly took her life

Sheila Mwanyigha has been a victim of online bullies and trolls but somebody took it all a step further after wishing she was dead.

In an exclusive interview with BBC, the media personality shared that rumors are what keep surrounding her life, whether she is innocent or guilty.

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Sheila is one lady we all know has faced allegations of dating all sorts of men with high profile and status in society.


However, she cites an incident that put her name in bad light after being accused of having a relationship with a certain CEO while it was all False!

I remember one particular article about a CEO who was spotted sneaking into my house.

If you come to where I live you know there is no way you are sneaking in.

It was mean, it was awful.

This gets so bad for her because all these, people identify her with whether in formal or informal occasions.

When she steps out looking like a Boss, it is all attributed to her relationships with highly-ranked personalities.

You go for meetings and people are looking at you thinking you have what you have because you are having a relationship with this person.

Online death

Sadly enough, the curvy beauty would like any other individual show sympathy to the grieving but her´s is taken as an ´unnormalcy´.

There was a time there was an attack in Egypt and I sent my condolences and one person attacked me saying that I should have been among those who died.

Adding that people like me did not deserve to live.

It does get terrifying when some random individual tells you to your face, you should be dead.


I felt so vulnerable.

I met my friends after that because I did not know if the person who had said that might be in the place we were at.

Well, she lives her life, by her rules and is not out to satisfy or please the masses.

It can be tiring to keep proving yourself to people because it is a waste of time.


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