¨It´s all about Mueni¨ Diana Marua confesses she lets Bahati and Yvette Obura communicate often

With fame comes celebrity status and so comes baby mamas especially for male celebrities.

Regardless of whatever position you hold or what field you decide to venture into, it strikes them all.

Gospel star, Bahati was not spared either. At least he has one baby mama, that we are aware of, Yvette Obura, with whom they have sired a daughter.

Yvette Obura and baby daddy, Bahati with their daughter, Mueni Bahati

Currently, Bahati is gracing the ladder of fatherhood with his wife, Diana Marua who hasn´t disappointed in siring kids for the young artist.

Mueni Bahati

However, there is a kid at stake and like Diana has alleged, she knew what she was getting into. Baby mamas, never come and go, they are here to stay, because a kid is part of the equation.


Through her YouTube Channel, Mama Majesty confessed that she allows Bahati and Yvette to stay in communication, for their little one, Mueni Bahati.

Yes, she was not really acquainted with how baby mama-baby daddy relationships work, she was ignorant at the time, all she wanted was a love relationship with the ´Story yangu’ singer.


So now, here she is and she has to deal with it. But good thing, she has approached it all with an open mind.

Bahati was really open with me when I got into a relationship with the fact that he has a daughter somewhere. Of course, I knew what I got myself into. I was not having the thoughts of how baby mama relationships are with the current girlfriend, that was not in my mind. I was like we will deal with it the way it comes. The fact that they have a daughter together they have to communicate. It´s all about Mueni. She needs basic needs and its the baby being taken care of.

The mother of 3 now, says Mueni has needs that need to be met with both parents involved. Adding that Mueni considers her as her mum and wherever she is home, Diana treats her like her own.

Mueni who is not my child, will come to me and have confidence in me. I am a mum and I will treat her like my own daughter once she is at my house.

Bahati´s wife, Diana Marua holding Mueni Bahati closely

However, for clarification, Diana affirmed that she and Yvette are not rivals, they are in communication and so far, so good.

Bahati´s baby mama, Yvette Obura and Diana Marua

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