¨No matter how many times a snake sheds skin, it stays a snake¨ Zari´s cryptic message to Tanasha

Diamond Platnumz first baby mama, Zari Hassan spent a solid 3 plus years with the star and he advised Tanasha before she jumped into the hot fire, but she never listened.

Out of Diamond´s list of lovers or baby mamas, Zari has stayed the longest. She probably knew the singer inside out.

And after the breakup, she definitely came out wiser than she had got in. Tanasha came in soon after Zari left, but mama Tiffah sent Tanasha a red signal early enough, to avoid regrets.

Zari (left) and Tanasha with Diamond (right)

Tanasha however, was not about to listen to the counsel the mother of 5 was giving her.

So she sailed through and now, her love boat with Diamond Platnumz developed a crack that let in water, causing it to sink.

Diamond and Tanasha´s love flame goes off

What has been making news recently is Diamond and Tanasha´s bitter split that fans are still grappling with.

But Zari´s fans who ´saw it coming´ were not at the least shocked.

One of the Boss Lady´s fans shared a post that read:

Trouble in Paradise already, Darling?

Surely you must know that a leopard doesn´t change it´s spots.

Mama Nillan then captioned:

Quote of the day ✍????????????

Before responding:

No matter how many times a snake shades skin, it stays a snake ????

No lie, the context of this post was Tanasha and Diamond´s breakup.

According to the fan and Zari, there is nothing Tanasha would have done to change Diamond from his waywardness.

Zari foretold Tanasha of her fate, way before hand

Zari was there, even married but Diamond still went out. Could it get any better?

Fans on the comment section couldn´t agree more, nodding in agreement, others laughing their hearts out.

Facts some pple think they are miracle workers????????????????????


they think they r so special than others ????????


Naked truth


Tanasha should come n read this????

A dog remains a dog even if u find it overseas looool????????????????
Ohoo yeah ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️fact
Once a leopard, always a leopard ????????????????

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