¨We are just but friends¨ Jacque Maribe clarifies on her involvement with Eric Omondi, Jowie and Dennis Itumbi

If there is one Kenyan couple that keeps our feet dangling in the air, unaware of what stand to take, must be Eric Omondi and Jacque Maribe.

The two were presumed to be in the dating circles and even having sired a son together some while back, but none of them said anything in regard to it.

They kept silent. We got tired and kept mum too and the dust settle.

However, it is time and Jacque and Eric Omondi came clean about their love affair that saw them bare a son, Zahari, whose graduation they celebrated last week.


So now, question pending is, are the two back on the dating scene once more or what?

Yes, they have confirmed that they are taking their co-parenting roles pretty seriously but is that just it?

When asked, Jacque revealed that she is actually single like never before, therefore not having an affair with baby daddy, Eric.


Adding that the comedian was only a friend. However unbelieving Kenyans are, in regard to that, Jacque confirmed that she is single, friends with Eric and co-parent at the same time.

Additionally, in the picture is Jowie Irungu and blogger Dennis Itumbi. Well, in an Insta Q&A session, she reiterate the same for each of these guys.

@dannydunhillson Totally agree with you. I don’t know Jowie, Itumbi, and now the joker Eric. I mean where does she lie? declare your stand madam.

Jacque Nilitangaza hukuona. Niko single AF. Those are my friends.

(from left) Dennis Itumbi, Jacque Maribe and Jowie Irungu

That´s it!

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