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“‌I was with Size 8 that night,”‌ DJ Mo addresses claims he was cheating on wife after being spotted solo in hotel room

October 13, 2020 at 09:16
“‌I was with Size 8 that night,”‌ DJ Mo addresses claims he was cheating on wife after being spotted solo in hotel room

Gospel celebrity couple, DJ Mo and Size 8 reborn have turned tables after responding to infidelity claims whose whole story fans were never given.

It started with photos of the gospel DJ in a hotel room by himself, at a time when the two were not quite in good terms. Fueling speculations that his wife had kicked him out of their matrimonial home in Lavington.

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It then boiled into an entire infidelity saga, entangled in the mix of now-engaged Switch TV host, Joyce Maina and constant fights in public spaces witnessed between the married couple.

DJ Mo and Size 8 reborn

Unfortunately, what fans were never told, is that this was not the entire picture of the story.

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The untold facts

In their latest vlog, DJ Mo and his wife Size 8, looking all loved up took fans back to the photo of him solo in a hotel room. Before giving us a video of his wife standing on the other side of the bed, discussing marital issues.

The DJ clarified: “‌I was with my wife that night, but people didn’‌t know that!”‌

Size 8 and DJ Mo

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To which his wife confidently supported: “‌It was important for us to stay private, to pray and work on ourselves. I felt we needed that time alone and to put God at the center of everything.”‌

Adding: “‌I was the one who looked for our room and ensured the kids had someone to take care of them. And we spent the whole night together, praying and just telling God to defend us and fight for us,”‌ explained the mother of two.

Size 8 expressed disbelief that fans were actually waiting to see her throw out her husband and his clothes, following the infidelity scandal.

The Murayas

Sadly, she was not the type to react spontaneously without reasoning and without consulting God who had brought them together.

And that is how, the two are still accommodating each other, so in love and living under the same roof as they mark 7 years in marriage.

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