Who did it better showing off guns? 15 photos of Kenyan celebrities brandishing deadly assault rifles

The law forbids brandishing of guns in public. But this does not necessarily stops people from showing off deadly assault rifles.

A few celebrities in Kenya are licensed gun holders. The like of Prezzo is known to carry his gun everywhere he goes. The rapper has also been caught in endless gun dramas.

The majority celebs who do not own guns have also been seen brandishing firearm. The guns they showed off on social media are usually owned by licensed gun owners.

Who did it better?


Mike Sonko’s daughter Salma Mbuvi


Mike sonko

Vanessa Chettle




Babu Owino


Shaffie Weru






Nyota Ndogo


Mother-In-Law’s actor Mustafa


Mzazi Willy Tuva

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