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17 stunning similarities between Babu Owino and Barack Obama that you didn’t know about

May 17, 2017 at 07:43
17 stunning similarities between Babu Owino and Barack Obama that you didn’t know about

US 44th president is a global icon whereas Babu Owino is just another goon in the eyes of many. But you will be shocked to find out that Barack and Babu have several similarities.

A certain Ndege Fredrick aka Ndege Serkal has impressed Kenyans after he compiled a list of the things Babu Owino and Barack Obama have in common.

Babu Owino

Barack Obama

The list of similarities between Obama and Owino has caused mouths to wag because most people didn’t think the two could have so much in common. See the list below

17 similarities between Barrack Obama(B.0) & Babu Owino(B.O)

1.Both of their late fathers were air-lifted to USA to study by the late Tom Mboya

2.Both are light-skinned Luos, with big ears and long tongues

3.Both are from Siaya County

4.Both are feared by Kenyan government, Boko Haram, and the Al-Shabaab

5.Both have a grandmother called Sarah

6.Both are liked by single ladies, loved by married women, but are faithful to their women

7.Both can speak Spanish

8.Both quit smoking before entering politics

9.Both have read all of Ngugi Wa Thiong’o;s books

10.Both would have liked to be Architects if they weren’t politicians

11.As teenagers, both experimented with drugs including marijuana and cocaine

12.Both broke their virginities on a Sunday

13.Both have a beer named after them in Kenya and Indonesia

14.Both are well-groomed men. They cut their hair once a week

15.Both learnt how to drive cars before cycling

16.Both of their names are associated with Blessings. The name BARRACK means ”one who is blessed”. The name BABU means ”one who blesses”

17.Both can say the letter ”P” without opening their mouths.




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