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5 Kenyan Celebrities Linked With Illuminati

December 08, 2022 at 23:59
5 Kenyan Celebrities Linked With Illuminati

Illuminati has for a long time been associated with rich people, especially celebrities. Every time a person becomes wealthy, rumours start to circulate that they are part of the infamous group. Documentaries have also been made about the illuminati and how they operate. Below is a list of some celebrities linked to the group:

Magix Enga

The music producer was linked to the infamous group after revealing that he was conglomerated into it a few months ago. The news was however, part of his clout chasing tactics. But netizens indeed believe he’s part of the group. Enga went ahead to claim he’s a protege of Rick Ross, who helped him to join illuminati. He owns luxurious cars and his tattoos are just so suggestive. There’s been so many speculations that he’s among the celebrities who joined illuminati. He tops the list here.

KRG the Don

KRG’s wealth has accumulated over the years: yet he doesn’t perform very well in music. The math is not adding up. And this has led to speculations that he might be part of the illuminati group.


Octo is a talented musician who decided to relocate to the states to build his musical career and live a lavish life after becoming rich enough. He went ahead to marry a white woman and moved in with her to the states.
After fame & money, Octopizzo was rumoured to be part of the illuminati too.

 Huddah Monroe

Huddah is a self made millionaire who has thrived in business & selling…. You know, just like many other socialites. But her riches have been rumoured to be associated with illuminati.

Creme De La Creme

According to a screenshot posted by the Dj, he received a plea to join the dark force but refuted that he wanted to join it.
In his response to individual, Crème wrote, “Breaks my heart sometimes when I get such texts. Forget about this Illuminati hoax” urged the Dj.

Crème urged fans to pray to God and work hard every day to achieve their dreams.


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