Cartoon Comedian tearfully opens up about her ex

Image: Comedian Cartoon with alleged boyfriend

Cartoon The comedienne is enjoying her finest single existence ever. She honestly admitted that her last dating experience had left her with no desire to date for a long.

According to what she said to Oga Obinna on his YouTube channel on September 26th, she is proud of her single status. She gleefully exclaimed, “I’m free, I’m single, and I’m glowing,” to Obinna.

In addition, she is seeing skirts rather than the large sweatshirts and trousers she formerly wore.

She stated why she chose to stay single and how the thought of being in a relationship scares her out. She admitted to her IG followers in September 2022 that she never imagined experiencing heartbreak.

“I’ve been hurting kidogo, after my love breakup scenario. I thought I was a T&lib@n, kumbe mi ni baby girl. I’ll be back after nimepona,”

She admitted to Obinna that she had experienced a “deadly” heartbreak. Although she is passed that time in her life, I am that girl.

It has been a few months since she and her ex parted ways, she says, adding that many factors contributed to the breakup.

Kitu ile mwanaume ule alinifanyia, heh that guy did me bad! I can’t even tell, but he did me bad. Lets move on.

I’m happy, I’m moving on. You know when you move on you start being a lady you know.”


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