23-year-old woman scorched by her purported lover with boiling oil

Deborah Wangechi, 23, is currently nursing injuries after allegedly being scalded with hot oil by her boyfriend during a dispute.

Esther Wangechi, Deborah’s mother, expressed her frustration with doctors at a public hospital who purportedly declined to treat her daughter due to the ongoing doctors’ strike.

“My daughter is unable to perform any tasks because her hands have been injured. Her chest is also burned. She was in excruciating pain, crying out for medical assistance, but I was compelled to attend to her wounds myself, despite not having the expertise to properly treat burn injuries,” Esther lamented.

The suspect, identified as Isaack Kahiinga, 29, remains at large, as reported by NTV News Highlights.

Deborah is among the many Kenyans who have been forced to seek medical assistance in private hospitals as the doctor’s strike extends into its third week.

Only doctors from Nairobi have resumed their duties, following Governor Sakaja’s pledge to honor their agreement.

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