3 key lessons to learn from the DJ Fatxo situation

DJ Fatxo is currently the talk of the town after a young man by the name of Jeff Mwathi perished at the premises where he resides.

The Speculation Against DJ Fatxo Has Gone Too Far

The police had previously ruled the matter a case of suicide, however, they have since come out at the urging of the Cabinet Secretary of Interior and Administration of National Government Kithure Kindiki to re-examine the which is currently still ongoing.

At the moment, DJ Fatxo is considered a Person of Interest along with his cousin and driver who were the last people to see the young man alive before he plummeted to his death from the residence.

Why the DJ Fatxo case is really scary

Although previously bullish he has now decided to lay low like an envelope letting his legal team do the talking on his behalf after he gave a rather ill-advised interview to the press.

What is of interest at the moment for us is the fact that there are three key lessons to learn from the entire situation revolving around DJ Fatxo and Jeff Mwathi and these are:

#1. Never go out alone
If you’re rolling with the new crowd it doesn’t matter whether they are your clients or work colleagues as long as this is an unprecedented affair and sure you go out with a friend. It is safe to say that had Jeff Mwathi been out with a friend neither he nor DJ Fatxo would have been in this predicament.

Andrew Kibe went too far in rubbishing Jeff Mwathi’s death

#2. Trust but verify
The truth of the matter is the fact that none of us is aware as to whether or not DJ Fatxo is innocent in the Mater. Investigations are still ongoing and it would be a sad day indeed if everything had happened to the fat DJ because he trusted these people: His cousin and driver.

#3. Not even men are safe
The unfortunate truth about Jeff Mwathi’s tragic passing is the fact that it dispells the BS account feminist often perpetuate that they and they alone are victimized. Here we have a young man who went out partying with people who we assume to be his friend or at least acquaintances, and sadly he met a tragic Demise I would not wish on even my own worst enemy. This is an indicator that Kenya has a problem and that is one of a criminal element. Criminals are creatures of Opportunity they do not target a specific gender they merely wait and lurk around hoping for an opportunity.

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