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3 types of parents in Kenya who are not feeling the pinch even as hard economic times bite

August 23, 2018 at 10:15
3 types of parents in Kenya who are not feeling the pinch even as hard economic times bite

Everybody is complaining of hard economic times in Kenya, the prices of most basic commodities have shot up causing chaos.

Parents are the most affected by the current state of economy – keeping children in school has become a headache for most caregivers.

Three types of parents are not feeling the pinch of hard economic times even as most parents sweating to find school fees for their children.

The three types of parents who are lucky are; super rich parents, parents whose kids have won bursaries and parents who are fully utilizing services offered by the Co-operative Bank of Kenya.

School fees and shopping expenses are a burden to parents who haven’t discovered life can be much easier by using tailored products offered by the Co-operative Bank of Kenya.

MCo-op Cash, a service offered by Co-operative Bank th should make all parents smile because paying school fees is now easily even as hard economic times bite.

Some parents don’t have money to pay for school fees, and this where MCo-op Cash comes in handy. Parents short of money to pay school fees can get a loan directly from MCo-op cash.

Co-op bank’s interest rate is the lowest in the market at only 1.16% interest rate per month. There are no facilitation fees on this loan or any hidden fees.

It should also be noted that sending money from MCo-op Cash to MCo-op Cash is free. So in case you need to send school fees to someone, use MCo-op cash.

Parents can also use Mco-op Cash to pay school fees at the convenience of their phones. Several schools have integrated to Mco-op Cash so you can just pay school fees via MCo-op cash without being charged extra transaction fees.

Check school codes HERE

Parents and students can also use MCo-op Cash to send school fees into a Co-op account or to a Sacco Account. The money reflects into the account immediately. You can also check your account balance via MCo-op Cash.

Download the MCo-op Cash app on your phone from your app/play store and enjoy these amazing services being offered.


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