34 Gvng, Dmore and Exray release Ka Ni Mtam (VIDEO)

Gengeton to the world with this submission from 34 Gvng who have hollad at Ochungulo Family’s Dmore and Boondocks Gang’s Exray for their collaborative effort which is a certified banger!

34 gvng

34 GVNG releases new banger tagged ‘Njugu’ (Video)

The jam is one of the few Gengeton tracks that have been released during these Covid19 quarantine times. And it bears all the hallmarks that make Gengeton so distinct; heavy urban street dialect -put some respect on their Sheng- and a video you can see probably cost fifteen thousand Kenya shillings to produce.

34 gvng

Ex Ray teams up with 34 GVNG’s Shagwah and Hitman Kaht on ‘Taniua’ (Video)

34 Gvng is a collective made up of Vuva, Hitman Kaht, Guantai, Shagwah and B Razor. ridge Records Entertainment, with 34 representing the Hood the artists grew up in and ‘GVNG’ standing for ‘Good Vibes No Guns. Incidentally, Hitman Kaht is the producer and label owner of Bridge to which he and his friends are signed under.

The jam is a celebration of beautifully shaped and endowed hoodrats and though issa ratchet anthem, you cannot help but bounce along to the slow bounce beats. The video features ubiquitous bubbling and twerking from the video vixens and they really do give the video life.

34 GVNG comes through on ‘Miti Ni Dawa’ alongside Jegede and Manio (Video)

34 Gvng allowed Dmore to do the chorus and it is a simple sample of him repeatedly saying, “Ka ni mtam” but it is so catchy you cannot help but sing along. Exray, Mr Taniua for his part lays down a verse with his flow that we have grown to love and the chemistry between himself and the rest of the gang is undeniable.

Check out the video below:

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