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4 Potential boyfriends in the Kenyan entertainment industry Zari Hassan should be thinking of

September 21, 2017 at 11:52
4 Potential boyfriends in the Kenyan entertainment industry Zari Hassan should be thinking of

Zari Hassan might be hitting 35 years in a few weeks but the lass looks like a 20-something year old lady. This is because even with 5 kids, the lady has maintained the art of looking young and having fun whenever possible.

Right now we don’t know what fate has in store for her and her baby daddy Diamond Platnumz but this should not be an issue. Like they say, there are plenty more fish in the sea, meaning she can get the man she wants at any given time.

Diamond Platnumz, Zari Hassan, Harmonize with his girlfriend

I have compiled a list of Kenyan celebrities that seem to be the perfect fit for the lady who seems to have a soft spot for the fast life.


Prezzo : Just like Diamond Platnumz he enjoys the company of beautiful ladies here and there but all in all we have seen him appreciate his official girlfriends by posting lovey dovey photos on his gram. Pocket wise – well I guess he can take care of Zari’s needs since he runs the Makini empire!



Ringtone: This particular gospel singer has been looking for a wife for quite some time now and since he owns a couple of mansions and drives classy cars…then Ringtone can definitely also gives Zari Hassan the publicity she loves.

Ringtone’s Ranger Rover

Mustafa: Not sure where to begin but…Mustafa could be a good fit as he is a tall fella and one who doesn’t like take negative vibe from haters. Well, this is one thing the two share in common therefore it wouldn’t be hard for them to click – not forgetting their age difference which seems perfect.

Uncle Muss with ex girlfriend at the gym

Willy Paul: I hear he has been looking for the perfect woman to settle down with therefore if given a chance I bet controversial gospel singer Willy Paul would play the perfect boyfriend role for Zari Hassan. A young man like him definitely needs an ambitious woman who is ready to sweat for her own money instead of depending on the ‘little’ he makes from his career….not forgetting Willy Paul Msafi draws his inspiration from Diamond Platnumz, right?

Willy and Diamond at Wasafi records


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