42 open positions in government agencies are announced

The government has announced the availability of 40 job openings across various state corporations, as detailed in the latest My Gov issue released on Tuesday.

The Public Service Commission (PSC) is actively seeking 12 qualified candidates to fill various roles. Among these positions, the PSC is looking for a Deputy Director responsible for Human Resource Management and Development, a Senior Deputy Director for Human Resource Management and Development, and a Senior Deputy Director focusing on discipline and employee wellness. Additionally, the Commission aims to hire a Director for Recruitment and Selection, as well as a Senior Deputy Director overseeing human resource planning.

Furthermore, the PSC is seeking individuals to fill roles such as Director of Compliance and Performance Management, Director of Organization Design and Career Management, and a Senior Deputy Director specializing in Organization Design and Career Management, with a focus on Career and Advisory Services. Other vacancies include Director of Legal Services, Senior Deputy Director of Board Secretariat, Senior Deputy Director of Management Information Systems, and Senior Deputy Director of Research, Policy Analysis, and Analytics.

Additionally, the Kenya Deposit Insurance Corporation (KDIC) is looking to fill 29 positions across various departments. These roles include Deputy Director of Finance, Deputy Director of Corporate Communication, Deputy Director of Supply Chain Management, and Deputy Director of Legal Services. Other positions include Assistant Directors in Investigations, Bank Resolution, Deposit Insurance and Bank Surveillance, as well as Research and Innovation. Vacancies also exist for Assistant Director of Internal Audit, Principal Bank Resolution Officer, Senior Deposit Insurance and Bank Surveillance Officer, and Senior Strategy and Planning Officer, among others.

Applicants for positions at KDIC are required to submit their applications by April 30.

Meanwhile, the Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital is in search of candidates to fill the roles of Manager and Deputy Manager in Supply Chain Management.

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