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5 Female Celebrities Who Have Dated Married Men

December 07, 2022 at 10:11
5 Female Celebrities Who Have Dated Married Men

Most female celebrities have proved to be don’t cares when it comes to dating married men. Anyway, money is the only thing that impresses such women who don’t mind snatching the married ones

Amber Ray 

Jimal reveals why he ended his marriage with Amber Ray

Amber Ray is one curvy woman who is able to confuse any man. But the fact that she has been the 2nd wife to two men, makes her top our list. Amber shared her unfortunate story of dating married men. She clarified that she has only dated two married men. “Even in my second relationship with Jamal, I knew he was married but he told me they were going through a divorce and I became comfortable. Eventually, they broke up and she’s now dating Kennedy Rapudo.

Lillian Ng’ang’a

Lilian Ng'ang'a Demotes Governor Mutua to Friendzone Amid Rumored Affair  with Juliani - Nairobi Wire

At a tender age of 26 years, Lillian Ng’ang’a met Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua (a married man by then) and the two fell in love. But their relationship was short-lived. Lillian decided to move on with musician Juliani. And they already have a kid together.

Karen Nyamu

Pregnant Karen Nyamu hints that Samidoh isn't the dad

Samidoh doesn’t mind flauting that he’s a polygamous man. Ironically, Karen Nyamu doesn’t mind being a 2nd wife either. As a matter of fact, she claims Samidoh is worth fighting for.


15 Photos Showing Happy Moments of Comedienne Jemutai and Her Lovely Kids -

The jester sired 2 kids with her fellow comedian professor Hamo; despite knowing that he already had a wife. The two are now successfully co-parenting after a little drama that involved getting a DNA test done.

Diana Marua


Bahati’s wife confessed that she was once a mpango wa kando for years. Through her YouTube channel, the mother of three said when she met Bahati, all she wanted was to live a good life. The men she dated were rich and she admitted that she did it for their cash.


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