5 male celebrities we hope to see settle down before the end of 2021

Kenyan men are quite reluctant when it comes to settling down; and I’m thinking this is because the ration between the boy and girl child is 1:4. However does this mean that despite all the years the celebrities listed below have never fallen in love even once?

Anyway below are just a few celebrities we hope to see settle down at least by the end of 2021. No pressure so don’t get me wrong with this!


Sleepy David

Apart from that time he was rumored to be Jacky Vike’s baby daddy; honestly Sleepy has not introduced any of the women he has dated and broken up with in years. If I am not wrong, very few know anything about this young man’s girlfriend or partner. But looking at his agemates, most seem to have started children as they continue to chase the paper; meaning Sleepy can do this too.


DNG with ex, Yvette

At least we know DNG married and divorced his ex really fast. Their reason for their break up remains unknown to the public; but judging from a post shared by DNG back then – he made many believe that his ex wife was the problem. He wrote;

 “I dumped a really hot chic (Yvette) who had a really dark heart and a shitty personality,”

And 4 years down the line DNG is being accused of being a fisi who has been exposed severally on social media. So between him and ex wife, who really had the problem? But hey, the clock is ticking!


CMB Prezzo

Apart from being a father of many, rapper Prezzo should by now be thinking of settling down. At 40 ‘something’ this man should now be a family man. His ex Michelle Yola already settled down with a French man who is now the father of her 2 daughters.

However, since Yola left there are no signs of the fella settling down – but hopefully he too will meet someone soon.

Mustafa Colonel

Marya and Colonel Mustafa

After Noti Flow exposed Colonel Mustafa for being being… Im not sure whether we should be talking about marriage since same sex marriage is prohibited in Kenya. But hey, he also dates women meaning Mustafa can also settle down if he wishes.

After his break up with Marya (whose marriage to Kevin was shaky) Mustafa has not thought of having his own family. Right now he must be in his early 40’s and still no family to show like his peers i.e Nyashinski, Nonini, Jua Cali among others.

Fundi Frank

Fundi Frank

Just to be safe, ill start by saying Fundi Frank who was quite popular back in the day has never introduced his family on social media; leave alone being spotted with a woman suspected to be his lover.

This could be because he is a low key fella; but hey, even just once? Anyway lets not judge what we can’t see but honestly he should give us a reason to talk. Right?

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