6 lessons you can learn from Samidoh and Karen Nyamu’s Relationship

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Samidoh now more than ever needs to get his house inorder but since Karen Nyamu amejitoa kwa equation; i guess Muchoki now has one wife to concentrate on and hopefully will not be trending for yet another scandal involving the women he is seeing on the side.

With that said, I have come up with a list of lessons women should learn from before getting involved with married men; and if anything Karen Nyamu’s experience was more than enough to learn from.

So one thing women should know by now is that

•Married men lie

Ever been lied to by a boyfriend or lover? Well i bet you have but those lies are petty compared to those told by married men. Youll have a man with a wife and kids telling you I wish i met you before i married my wife – and foolishly you believe? Actually this legend line is used to attract desperate girls – and when not fulfilled, yall act out like you didnt know he has been lying all along?

•Married men will never leave their wives for side chicks

My wife. My wife. If your married boyfriend is always talking about my wife. My wife. Guuuuurl….huyo alienda kitambo and would never risk his marriage for a one time fun that probably lasts 5 minutes….hawananga huruma. So why cultivate on another woman’s farm?

•Love is a two way highway

Mmmh looking at Karen Nyamu’s affection towards Samidoh, all i know is that she was alone in this relationship; and now that she risked her political job for someone who is in love with his wife – I’m pretty sure the wake up call got her wondering why she didnt see this love was one sided.

•There is a difference between obsession and true love

Judging from Karen Nyamu’s situation, I believe Karen Nyamu was never in love with Samidoh but was obsessed with the thought of keeping him. This is because having him made Edday more frustrated….and Nyamu being badgirl Karenzo was probably enjoying this – but i once heard someone say never play with a woman’s tears – they burn.

•Baby trapping won’t turn him to a husband

Another thing young women should know is that you cannot keep a man by having his kid or kids. Look, remember you are the one to carry the pregnancy to full term, raise the kid, sacrifice your youth – while his life moves on with the love of his life. Like now – Karen has two kids with Samidoh, yet he had her thrown off stage like a sack of potatoes.

•Women can forgive anything but disrespect

Although there are those pointing fingers at Edday Nderitu for starting the fight, we have to remember that she has been quiet for months and has never engaged with Nyamu; until that fateful night when the lass decided to force her way to Samidoh’s seat – yet the first wife was also in the same table. That was disrespect and although Samidoh is to blame – Karen was also asking for trouble.


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