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6 local celebrities who can’t handle criticism from fans, always ready to attack!

August 21, 2020 at 16:38
6 local celebrities who can't handle criticism from fans, always ready to attack!

Being a celebrity means your life is now exposed to the public. This gives netizens the power to air their different about opinions and if one can’t handle it; then you find them having bitter exchange on social media. But question is, if they can’t handle the pressure, then why sign up for it in the first place!

Zari Hassan the boss lady

Having dated Diamond Platnumz, Zari not only exposed her personal life but kids to online criticism from online fans. However everytime fans blast her for living a fake life, Zari always steps down from her throne to argue with fans. Wasting time and energy!

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So far the president of single mums has proven that online criticism bring out the worst in her. Just a few days ago she went on to threaten radio presenter Massawe Jappani after finding out the questions she was throwing at Vesha Okello.

Well as much as Massawe was wrong, I bet at 23 years Ms Vesha could have dismissed some of the personal  questions asked; but she chose to respond. Akothee on the other hand chose to use this against Massawe by showering her with insults!

Lilian Muli

Celebrity lives are hard and Ms Muli can tell you this for free. So far she has proven to have ‘roho ndogo’ hence her bitter exchange with fans who sometimes body shame, insult and pick on her. I mean would it really hurt to mute and ignore criticism? Lilian Muli is a brand, but sometimes she tends to easily forget this!

Khaligraph Jones

Can Khaligraph Jones Music withstand the test of time?

Khaligraph Jones known for his ‘savage’ clap backs

They call him the king of savage clapback but i can tell you that rapper Jones often lets fear of being embarrassed take over him. Most of the rappers on his level barely pay attention at comments from fans; but try throw shade at Khali and see if it won’t itch him to respond!

Babu Owino

Remember the last time Kenyans demanded justice for DJ Evolve? Of course. Babu Owino went on to have a bitter exchange with those who called him out; and despite his Degree in Law, his arguments sounded gibberish especially with the ‘mama yako’ insults!

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Vera Sidika

Entrepreneur, Vera Sidika

Although Vera Sidika seems to have retired or tired of the socialite life; this particular lady is known to engage with fans especially well insulted.

The last time she was exposed for living in Gachie and not Kitisuru….Vera decided to parade her new mansion in mombasa not forgetting the flaunt the fashionable Gucci, LV among others to those claiming she is broke.

But come on…why go through all the trouble?


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