7 breathtaking photos of Willis Raburu’s ex-wife Marya Prude months after ugly split

It has been roughly 4 months since the Raburu couple parted ways in a nasty breakup and Marya has only proven she has healed and moved on.

The duo lost their unborn baby Adana just as 2019 was lapsing and the new year kicking in but there was nothing new for them about 2020. If anything, it only brought them grief and sorrow when they instead needed to be rocking their newborn in their arms.

Ex-lovers, Willis Raburu and Marya Prude

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Double tragedy struck soon as they went into mourning, only to come back and in for an ugly split that was surrounded with lots of controversies. Anyway, Willis has been on the public space for a while since, but Marya Prude has kept it low and behind the scenes but trust you me, she has resurfaced a different being.

Mary Ngami known as Marya Prude

Her online timeline has been turning heads, a light-skinned beauty, not restrained by a family to keep, a home to watch, or anyone to nurse. Marya has had all the time to herself and with her girls and whatever her routine has been, is working wonders on her. Let’s get right through it.

1. For marya, her younger sister, Sharon Shiku has had to take up the role of an elder sister to her, holding the fort when a dear Prude had hit rock bottom.

Marya Prude with sister Sharon Shiku

2. As the new month of July kicked in, Marya stepped out with a wide smile and brightened face, seemingly having overcome her eventualities and slowly welcoming what lied ahead of her.

Mary Ngami aka Marya Prude

3. Healing her wounds, a enlivened Marya once took up a cowgirl look that not only made her look slimmer but way younger than her age.

Willis Raburu’s ex-wife, Mary Ngami with a lifted spirit

4. The beauty went for a rugged, more casual yet flattering look and for her, it was gonna be a good day.

Businesswoman, Marya Prude

5. The next one, I’m not sure can be contained, after Marya realized that no one has the power to be her, other than herself. A title she has recently been proudly embracing.

Marya prude looking adorable

6. “Keep Praying. Protect your Heart. Love yourself. Be truthful. Know your Worth. Stay Faithful. Speak Up. Keep Giving.” she beautifully captioned on a bright sunny day.

A blissful Marya Prude taking a day at a time

7. Lastly, is her most recent, all flared up and her make-up look well touched up that proves the beauty can be extra when she decides to.

Marya Prude parades her all make-up look

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