7 photos of a happy healthy Congestina Achieng before her mental health battle

Image: Conjestina Achieng

Conjestina Achieng was and will continue being the best female boxer Kenya ever produced.

Back in the day when she was still a strong boxer aiming for the stars; the mother of one fought fights that will never be forgotten but unfortunately despite the glory…she now remains forgotten.

However, we as Ghafla have compiled a few photos of Conjestina from back in the day and boy will you be shocked. From the photos below it’s evident to see that life was easier and bearable for her before she suffered the mental illness that has reduced her to a village fighter.


A while back, Mama Conje revealed how her daughter (Conjestina) had become an alcoholic; who often picked  fightings at liquor dens in their village.

Conjestina however got help, but problem is… it seems that people who reach out to help only want photos for social media; yet never follow up n her recovery journey.

The old Conjestina

Below are just a few photos showing the lovely Conjestina when she was still the queen of boxing!

Former Boxer Conjestina Achieng doing what she does best
Champion Boxer, Congestina Achieng
Boxer, Ms Achieng back in the day
Conjestina dressed dolled up
Conje back in the day

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