7 reasons smart Nairobians are getting Showmax

In our city’s hustle and bustle, you’re not only trying to beat the rush and the madness, you’re also trying to outrun deadlines, deal with traffic gridlocks and face a boss who probably doesn’t think very highly of you.

At the end of a draining day, the last thing you want to deal with is another queue, after standing in line at the food joint, the elevator, the matatu terminus and the public toilets around Kenya Archives.

All you want to do is slump onto your couch, and you wonder if the movie guy, who sells bootlegged DVDs around your neighbourhood, could be convinced to deliver …

But then in comes a saviour … Right in your house, heck, right in your hands!

It’s Showmax – the online movie and series library that hosts over 20 000 movies, series, documentaries and kids’ shows, with everything from horror and drama to romance and chick-flicks. And you get all-you-can-eat access to the entire library for only KSH 880 per month.

As if that low fee isn’t enough to convince you, here are 7 other reasons Showmax is the answer to your weekend and weeknight prayers.

Tools to limit data usage

Don’t worry if you spent all your last coins paying for groceries at Mama Boi’s. With Showmax, you can keep your data consumption down with their bandwidth capping feature, which lets you use the smallest amount of data you can afford when you watch shows on your own preferred resolution (the lower the resolution, the less data you use). This will leave you with more coins left to grab a couple maandazi at work tomorrow. Click here for more information!

Option to pay using M-Pesa

Because Showmax is all about convenience, you have the option to pay for your monthly subscriptions via M-Pesa. That means no hassle of having to input your credit/debit card information online, and you don’t even need a credit card to subscribe.

Download up to 25 shows at a time or stream live

Watch up to 25 of your favourite shows for a maximum of 30 days on your device (smartphone or tablet) anywhere offline for free when you download them over Wi-Fi. This means you can catch up on series while you’re travelling or, yup, standing in a queue. Check out this link to find out how.

But if you’re one of the lucky ones with a reliable internet connection or Wi-Fi, stream movies and series live without having to wait for them to download.

Watch on a range of devices

Even if you are on the go, you can still catch your favourite show on a wide range of devices like your smartphone or tablet.

Large catalogue of local series and movies

From Nollywood to our homegrown film industry, Showmax has a huge library of African series and movies for you to binge on, from Fundimentals to Sumu La Penzi.

The best selection of international shows

After a tiresome commute to and from town, and having to deal with matatu touts who yank you off their bus as it moves, with Showmax, you can settle in after work for one hell of an uninterrupted entertainment ride that has everything you ever asked for. And more. Showmax offers boxsets of Friends and Sopranos; the latest-but-one seasons of Big Bang Theory and Suits, and, of course, six seasons of the epic Game of Thrones.

Free 14-day trial voucher SMSed to your phone

Do a test drive of the Showmax experience and sign up for a no-charge 14-day trial here. All you need to do is submit your phone number, sign up using your email address, and then sit back and enjoy the experience. No bank details or other payment details are necessary!

Another reason to yell “Thank God It’s Friday!”. No, not so that you can go dance on tables till 4am, but so that you can call some friends over,  prepare some nyama, grab that remote and launch into a spectacular movie marathon that lasts till Monday morning.

Good luck not getting sacked at work. Gotta get me some Showmax … And say goodbye to the World.

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