8 times Chimano has openly paraded his feminine side on social media (Photos)

Image: Another hint from Chimano

Chimano’s sexuality is no longer a mystery. I mean we all now know he likes fellow men and for some reason, those hating him will have to either have to deal with it; or keep their opinions to themselves! It’s 2020 a year that is teaching people to focus on themselves and not others!

Anyway, for awhile now many couldn’t understand why Chimano likes to wear nail polish, always stepping in weird outfits and most of all why he seemed so in touch with his feminine side!

Well, the question was finally answered just a few hours ago! Yes, Chimano has a boyfriend and remains proud of him despite the criticism from a few character here and there!

Chimano looking like a million bucks
Chimano looking like a gentleman because fashion is just a walk in the park for him

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Brings out his feminine side to play!

Away from that, we also understand that the young singer is in touch with both his feminine and masculine! Most of the time we have spotted the fella rocking ‘weird’ but girly outfits; and all I know is that he knows how to work them right.

Although a few already knew about his gender fluidity – judging from sense of fashion; below are a few photos courtesy of Chimano that will leave you wondering how you missed all the hints he was serving on his social media pages.

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Chimano in the garden of Eden giving Eve a run for her money!
Sauti Sol’s Chimano serving looks with his fur!
Singer in touch with his fashionable feminine side
It is what it is!
Another hint from Chimano
Big fan of Mirror selfies
Can your boyfriend even? Chimano slaying!
Chimano rocking tight rocker leather pants

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