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A broken clock is right twice a day: Mulamwah is right about dowry

February 03, 2021 at 11:10
A broken clock is right twice a day: Mulamwah is right about dowry

Mulamwah is one of the biggest simps we have in the scene of Kenyan entertainment. The comedian recently saw his relationship to his bae, Sonie implode and he shed so many tears trying to win her back by playing the pathetic stooge.

‘Sasa Nilipe Dowry Utoroke?’ Mulamwah On Paying Sonie’s Bride Price.

The gambit paid off for him because they are now back together as a couple and while I have my opinions on the grand simping we saw on display, I am willing to admit that the strategy (as detestable as it is to me) worked. And then Mulamwah made a statement that is rather informed.


Mulamwah is a simp but he is right on the money about bride price

You see, Mulamwah was asked by the people on social media (digital in-laws as one of my colleague calls them) about his take on bride price and he has said he is not for the idea of paying up that traditional cost to get married.

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The internets have gone crazy with many people giving their hot take on that statement but when he spoke on the matter, he did invite the statements. Anyway, the hot takes that were shared were flaming garbage hot takes.


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You see, bride price is a part of a lot of African cultures and this is something that was necessitated by the standards and conditions of life in pre-colonial days but right now, it holds little value as a practice other than a form of extortion the bride’s family imposes on the groom.

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For those of you not in the know, Mulamwah is referring to the practice of having to go to the prospective bride’s family and asking for her hand in marriage then some old relations of hers come at a later appointed date to negotiate the price at which they are going to sell the girl to the groom’s family. And make no mistake, it is a trade -barter trade.


Comedian Mulamwah

Doubtless, Mulamwah is speaking to the possible future in which Sonie’s family would come and demand he pay the bride price and then her father will stand and warn him,

“Listen here young man, I am not selling my daughter. She is worth more than money to me. But when will you start trading those goats and cows in exchange for her hand in marriage?”

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Also, it is worth noting that the modern Kenyan girl wants nothing to do with traditional gender roles nor does she want to uphold her traditional responsibilities to be a feminine woman what with runaway and rampant misandrist feminism yet they want men like I and Mulamwah to uphold traditional masculine roles such as paying the bride price.


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And when you ask what role this act has in our modern family lives, you get nonsense responses such as “It brings families closer” yet when we look at the rate at which modern marriages fall apart, we see no evidence that upholds this argument. All I see is that Mulamwah is right when he says it breeds resentment.

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And so I submit to you that even if Mulamwah is a simp, he, like a broken clock, is right two times a day.

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