A horrific traffic accident in Narok-Mulot had six confirmed deaths.

A tragic road accident on the Narok-Mulot road has claimed the lives of at least six individuals and left seven others injured.

According to Narok Central Sub County Police Commander John Momanyi, the accident occurred when a Toyota Sienta collided head-on with a Subaru Forester near the Silanga area, approximately four kilometers from Narok town.

“The collision happened as the driver of the Subaru Forester attempted to overtake another vehicle and collided head-on with the Toyota Sienta traveling in the opposite direction,” Momanyi explained.

The Subaru Forester was en route from Bomet to Narok, while the Toyota Sienta was headed towards Mulot.

Tragically, all six occupants of the Toyota Sienta, including the driver, lost their lives on the spot. The injured were promptly transported to various hospitals in Narok town for treatment.

The driver of the Subaru Forester, experiencing chest pains, was urgently taken to Cottage Hospital for medical attention.

Both vehicles involved in the accident were towed to the Narok Police Station yard for further inspection.

This incident underscores the ongoing efforts to combat road accidents, which have claimed over 1,000 lives in the past three months alone. Many others continue to recover from injuries sustained in these unfortunate events.

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