A legend has left us! Maina Kageni laments Michael Oyier with celebrities

Maina Kageni has joined fellow Kenyans in mourning the loss of former Kiss 100 presenter Michael Oyier.

Michael’s passing was confirmed by his family yesterday, as he was undergoing treatment at Nairobi Hospital.

Taking to his social media platforms, Maina paid tribute to Oyier, hailing him as a legend in the broadcasting industry.


Brief biographical information on journalist Michael Oyier’s family, work, children, and schooling

“We have lost a legend. 😭😭😭 Thank you for everything Michael Oyier… one of the very best newscasters I have ever known…. a true example of commitment, discipline and encouragement!!!! Sincere condolences to the entire media fraternity and the family (Peter, Paul, Olga) and friends. Rest In Peace Michael Oyier.”

Below are condolence messages from other fans:

@MissMwanyigha: You inspired many with your talent and professionalism. Go well Michael Oyier. Sincere condolences to your family and friends who will surely miss you.

@Nyamwanda: This loss is deeply felt by many of us. Michael Oyier and I shared a history that goes back to our days in Plainview Phase 5, where our homes were just a stone’s throw apart, and later at Saint Mary’s School where we both studied. Michael embodied true gentleness and integrity in every sense. He consistently stood as an outstanding individual, always there to support me during my voice-over pursuits. His command of the English language, charisma, wit, and charm will be greatly missed by all of us. My heartfelt condolences go out to his entire family, including his siblings @JeffOyier, Paul, Peter and Olga. Inna Lillahi wa inailayhi rajiun.


Former KTN Presenter Michael Oyier Dies While Receiving Treatment

@Rita_Oyier: Good morning Michael Oyier, I hope this little letter finds you at peace. You left me answering this all the time everywhere question that we have laughed over for 20 years! Are you Michaels Sister… Or are you his wife? What is in a name though? You did well man, so proud.

@johnnjenga: Rest in eternal peace Michael Oyier, formerly KTN news anchor. May beautiful sunsets accompany you as you journey onward to the secrets of the stardust that we are made up of. His reflections on life and death, even as motorcades of ‘VIPs’ chase the wind and harass Kenyans.

@Frankiewgichuru: 10 years ago, I was at an event where Michael Oyier was MC. My kid was being a bit fussy. He grabbed my kid and continued with his job without missing a beat. Live on bro! RIP

@MKapombe: Truly heartbreaking that we can’t catch a break with death Eternal rest grant unto Michael Oyier, Oh Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon him. May he RIP. Amen!

@MikeSonko: Former Ktn news anchor Michael Oyier has also left us. Death, death, death every corner. May the Lord rest his soul in eternal peace.

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