As COVID-19 effects bite hard, here’s why should have your Visa card with you at all times

The Co-operative Bank has more good news for her customers. It seems the basket of festive goodies is just opening up. This festive season is geared to be a memorable one, as your banking partner continues to roll out services tailored for your needs and plus more pleasant surprises headed your way.

This season will be marked with a lot of movements, celebrations, family-get-togethers and vacations. All of these social events are a prerequisite to lots and lots of shopping. For Co-op Bank customers, they get to enjoy unlimited use of their Co-op Visa Card to pay for goods and services in all points of sale like supermarkets, malls, fuel stations, at the movies, event tickets, travelling tickets and hotel bookings, etc.

What’s more, the Co-op Visa Card has NO additional charges. Yes, that’s right. The client does not incur an additional charges for paying with the Co-op Visa Card.

The Co-op Visa Cards are accepted globally at all Visa merchants. It’s the perfect and convenient way to shop online.

It’s mind-blowing when one thinks of the convenience offered by the ‘No Additional Charges’ proposition. There’s no longer the need or urgency to visit the ATM in the pursuit of cold hard cash when you can swipe away your bills. Furthermore, you are able to manage risks associated with handling, moving physical cash thus shields Co-op Bank customers from the risks associated with liquid cash.

Need to re-fuel? Use the Co-op Visa Card. Need to renew a subscription like utility bills and other recurring bills? Just use the Co-op Visa Card. And it doesn’t attract additional charges. When travelling with friends and family, remember to carry the visa card and stay clear of cold hard cash – lest mugging, and other unfortunate incidents that are prevalent during these festivities. And, furthermore, it’s more convenient to make bookings online from the relative comfort of your homes, offices … easily paid for through the Co-op Visa Card.

Aside: It oozes of knowledgeable class and sophistication. It’s a big deal, for instance, when treating your significant other at a restaurant, how one pays for the meal. Co-op Visa Card is cleaner, sleeker and hassle-free.

Remember to carry along your Co-op Visa Card. It’ll take you places, with no additional dents to your bank balance in the form of transactional fees.

Happy Holidays! Indulge responsibly and stay safe.

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