‘A Rapist Shouldn’t Be Your Partner’ Krg Congratulates D’more And Nelly the Goon For Splitting Up With Benzema

After the official splitting up of Ochungulo Family, Krg the Don was one of the musicians who couldn’t keep calm about it. The popular gengetone group revealed that they split through a mutual agreement. They expressed their gratitude towards their fans, thanking them for the support. They also stated that it’s time to take up solo careers as they have different goals.

Posting about the split up, Krg congratulates Nelly the Goon and D’moore for splitting up with Benzema, who he terms as a rapist.

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”Big up @nellythegoon n @dmore mr ochungulo for Splitting up!!! a Rapist shouldn’t be your partner in any business…”

Krg has for sometime had a beef with Gengetone artists, including Sailors Gang.

The beef ignited last year, when Benzema said Gengetone is still alive and he shouldn’t be compared to artists like KRG. It was during this period that Krg termed him as a rapist.

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“I don’t want to be liked by a rapist. We don’t work to be paid by views to keep your views to yourself but give me my cash. My kids need more money, not more youtube views. Big Up Boondocks Gang {Odi Wa Murang’a Exray and Edu Madox} Rekless, Ricco Gang & Wakali wao.”

Beefing among local musicians shouldn’t be entertained. They should be first in line to support each other and push Kenyan music to international levels.

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