”A Woman Only Needs To Be Alive To Cheat, A Man Needs Money”- Shakilla Says

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Kenyan socialite Shakilla has stirred conversation with her take on infidelity. She suggests that in today’s world, financial power plays a bigger role in cheating than gender.

Shakilla, who has been sharing controversial sentiments on intimacy, has now divulged what it takes for women to cheat.

Shakilla argues that the saying “chase the bag first” holds weight because money can attract anyone, potentially leading to marital discord. She believes men aren’t inherently more likely to cheat; it’s about having the resources to pursue someone else.

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Here’s the crux of her argument: with money, young people, particularly women, can be swayed. Shakilla suggests these individuals crave a quick and easy path to fulfilling their desires, making them susceptible to someone with financial means.

“It’s not even possible that men cheat more than women. A person needs to have money in order to cheat. A woman only needs to be alive.” Shakilla’s statement read:

However, Shakilla’s statement overlooks emotional reasons for infidelity and simplifies motivations, particularly for women. It’s important to consider a broader range of factors that contribute to cheating in relationships.

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