Act like a grown up! Rayvanny bashed by Kenyans for making fun of ´Vijana Tuache Mihadarati´ Stivo Simple Boy

Wasafi artist, Rayvanny has had it rough from Kenyans after supposedly making fun of Kenya´s own upcoming artist, Stivo Simple Boy.

Stivo Simple Boy of the viral ´Vijana Tuache Mihadarati´ anthem now becomes a voice to reckon with in the music industry.

When he started off, we took him for a joke but that is no more.

While masses thought of him as a confused young boy looking for fame, a few fought for him, tooth and nail.

Well, his fans carry the day and now goes even bigger after Wasafi´s Rayvanny looks forward to work on a collabo with him.

Vanny boy shared this on social media lightly expressing:

The Current Hit Song in ???????? ????????????

Vijana tuache _______,
Nasema tuache ________,
Vi Vijana tuache _______,
Nasema tuache _______. X4

Wananguwe Nitafutieni Huyu jamaa Nifanye nae Collabo????????????

According to him ´Vijana Tuache Mihadarati´ is a hit song in Kenya and deserves a better audience.

Mixed reactions

In response fans urge the bongo flava star to help the young artist build his roots for growth.

 Full support kwa huyu dogo wangu uwezo anao na kipaji Mwenyezi Mungu amemjalia


The guy is talented rayvanny have acollabo with him


Piga colabo na huyu jamaa wetu ameiva ile mbaya


Now you are talking man. Get to studio with him and give us something

However, for those who think Rayvanny is just making fun of the young talent:

Now you think you’ve made it by making fun of him?
Acha za ovyo.
In Kenya we gave good artistes more than you na haturingi.
Kanyaga kubwa kubwa bro


Very bad gesture vanny boy


Ujiona Sana sababu ya iyo colabo yako masekete?

U are a fool bro???? kanyanga ukiendaga.

We are proud of our upcoming artist


 #Rayvanny act like a grown up instead of helping him kelea his talent you are here making joke

juzi tu #Diamondplatnumzamekubeba akakunyoshesha akakutoa mafi hivi sasa umemature saa unaringa

am pround of him emepea ma youts message akili ni ywele nyoa utuo twako zimee tena ukumbuke uliko toka




Kanyanga kubwa kubwa ukiendaga. We have The real OG na haturingi!

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