“Acting has changed my life, used to live in an unpainted house with no electricity” Machachari’s Baha opens up

Citizen TV heartthrob Tyler Kamau Mbaya, popularly known as Baha, has opened up about how acting helped him overcome poverty.

Baha shot to prominence at an early age when he was cast on Citizen TV’s show Machachari. Currently Baha has completed high school, he is also an adult (he is 18 years old).

The popular actor says that acting has helped him break the circle of poverty. He reveals that his family used to live in an unpainted house with no electricity before his breakthrough.

“Acting has changed my life and given me the one I have now. My mother was an actress. My brother is an actor too. We lived in the village, in an unpainted house with no electricity. Acting has also supported my education. As a child, it was hard to see the effect acting has had on my life. I can see it well now that I am all grown up,” said Baha in an interview with Buzz.

Baha and his brother
Baha and his brother
New hustle

Baha is an actor with a vision, last year he started his own production company Kamau Mbaya Pictures. He is slowly transitioning from an actor to a producer which is a common trend with most successful thespians across the world.

“The first project was a short film, which I produced. I don’t have a lot of experience in the technical side of film as compared to acting. The little I have is through observation while on set. I don’t believe in waiting for things to happen in life automatically, case in example, being an actor and transitioning into a producer or a director in ten years or so,” said Baha.

Adding that;

“We have one life, which we should utilise fully. I have dedicated my life to film, which is why I want to learn all aspects of it while I am still young. I started the company so that I can learn through the mistakes I make along the way.”






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