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Adorable Photos Of Mulamwah And Girlfriend Sonie Celebrating Daughter’s 2nd Month (Photos)

November 18, 2021 at 08:57
Adorable Photos Of Mulamwah And Girlfriend Sonie Celebrating Daughter's 2nd Month (Photos)

Just like any other parent, every milestone that their baby makes is so precious to them and they would do anything to make sure that milestone never fades away in their memories. Such is the case with Carrol Sonie and comedian Mulamwah; who celebrate their daughter’s growth occasionally.

They Grow Up So Fast!

The jester celebrated his daughter’s 1 month in October 17th- which seems like a few days ago. Mulamwah poured out his heart to her in an emotional post as he wrote;

”Time flies. She has just turned a month old today. I love you my daughter @keilah_oyando, We love seeing you grow.”

Additionally, he claimed that the birth of Keilah forced him to move to a bigger house.

”You have no choice but to move to a bigger house…We have moved to a KSh 10,000 house. I had to pay KSh 1,000 more.”

In her 2nd month, Mulamwah has posted splendid photos of himself and having father-daughter moments; in tandem with Carrol Sonie.

Below are more photos of the couple and their daughter. Happy 2nd month to Keilah Oyando!



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