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Adorable! Saumu Mbuvi unveils her daughter’s face for the first time

May 10, 2017 at 08:34
Saumu with her daughter

We finally have the chance to see how Sonko’s granddaughter looks like – thanks to Saumu Mbuvi who shared a few of the baby’s photos on social media just recently.

This happens to be the first time the new mother of one is openly showing off her baby’s face to the world 3 months after she was welcomed into the world. But just like most celebrity babies, Saumu chose to keep her daughter under the radar for a while to avoid exposing her to bullies on social media.

Salma hanging out with baby Sasha

Anyway, in her recent photos it is easy to tell that Saumu has been doing a great job as a mum despite knowing that she probably has a nurse helping her out with the baby duties at home since this is her first time handling a toddler.

Saumu Mbuvi with her baby

Baby Sasha on the other hand seems to be taking after her dad (in terms of looks) and her skin tone is as deep as her mum’s. She is however one adorable baby and their is no doubt about it! Checkout her photos below;


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