After Riggy G reveals he walked around with no underwear for 17 years  – Here are 3 benefits of men going Commando

The deputy president Rigathi Gachagua aka Riggy G recently opened up on how tough life was back in the day that he actually owned his first underwear when in form two.

So this means from when he was a toddler to a teen he walked around with everything hanging….since, well – he couldn’t afford underwear. Well, since he blamed this on poverty – I am left assuming the deputy president didn’t enjoy the experience and if anything….it just made him feel more poor compared to everyone else.

My first underwear I bought while in form two, a 007


It was not a priority for my mother to wear an underwear…wewe wacha tulipe school fees kwanza hayo mengine tutapangana mbele.

Benefits of men going commando

However turns out that many men low key enjoy walking around with no underwear so as to reduce sweat and maximize airflow.

And as you already know wearing underwear (samosas or briefs) adds extra layer of fabric around your privates hence making it uncomfortable from the sweating and warmth.

Deputy president Riggy G

However men later discovered not wearing underwear means more air circulating making it pretty comfortable down there, which is why most walk around without it.

Another known reason why men go commando is to protect their sperms since having their testicles raised by underwear or held in a raised position risks lowering sperm count.

This is because research shows testicles hang below the rest of the torso to maintain cooler temperatures…..and of course with underwear this is not possible.

Lastly – just like G strings are uncomfortable for some ladies, men also tend to feel uncomfortable with some briefs – and believe it or not, this is why most prefer not owning underwear but shorts which are more comfortable.

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