Aida Alisha advise to women living in abusive relationships 

Former mother in law actress Ida Alisha got married at the age of 21 years by a 28 year old fella she believed to be in love with only for her to realize later that the marriage was based on a crush and not love.

Aida Alisha with best friend, Catherine Kamau

This is because after a few months into the marriage the guy for some reason started beating her like a small kid. According to Aida Alisha, her ex not only abused her physically but verbally; and like most women – she kept this to herself until she couldn’t take it any longer.

Speaking to Lynn Ngugi a while back, Aida revealed that she took time to work on herself, build her confidence and recover from the mental tutor she endured; before telling her side of story – since everyone was already judging her for dumping her husband and as rumor had it back then…Aida allegedly left him for greener pastures in the States – which was a lie.

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Advice to young ladies

Anyway despite having talked about abusive relationships before, the lass recently shared yet another post dedicated to those living in abusive relationships. The post read;

With this post I want to believe that Aida Alisha is yet to let go of her past experience from the toxic relationship; which is why she urges parents to encourage their daughter’s the importance of walking away from a marriage with nothing rather than in a coffin.

I mean – we’ve seen different cases of spouses ending each others lives – yet they had an option of leaving but without a supportive system they opted to stay hence things getting ugly in the end.

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