Akothee accuses Omosh of S* Gender Based Violence

Image: Akothee with lover

On Sunday, singer Esther Akoth aka Akothee posted a video of her and her husband Denis ‘Omosh’ Shweizer enjoying romantic moments on the stairs of their mansion. In a video, she posted on her Instastories, the mother of five was seen laying on the stairs with Mr. Omosh playing on top of her. The mzungu born in Switzerland was clearly eager to have intimacy and the musician was heard warning him after discovering what he wanted.

When the canoodling got Omosh excited, she rebuffed him saying,

“Honey, there is CCTV here. Why on the stairs? You can wait,”

In response, Omosh pleaded with the mother of five to continue their conversation in her room with them.

Akothee, on the other hand, declined her husband’s invitation and insisted that they first go to the farm before entering the bedroom.

“First we go to the farm. I won’t promise anything, we’ll sleep. We go to the farm and see what the workers have done.”

While the singer was using one hand to record the video, the duo could be seen kissing frequently.

Omosh appeared to insist on sharing a passionate moment with his wife, who was overheard joking that what he was doing to her constituted sexual and gender-based assault.

“You know this is SGBV.”

Omosh immediately got to his feet after the complaint and refuted the charges.

On April 10, 2023, Akothee and Denis Schweizer exchanged vows in a magnificent ceremony at the Windsor Golf Hotel & Country Club in Nairobi.

Numerous family members, close friends, artists, and well-known politicians from the nation attended the musician’s wedding.

At least 300 guests in all were invited to the event. A second wedding has already been planned by the pair, and it will happen later this year in Mr. Omosh’s native Switzerland.

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