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Akothee angry with Kenyans sending her alleged [email protected] tape to her kids

October 03, 2019 at 08:03
Akothee angry with Kenyans sending her alleged s@x tape to her kids

Controversial singer Akothee has asked people with malicious motivates to stop sending the leaked sex tape alleged to be hers to her family members.

Taking to Instagram where she also denied severally that the tape was hers, Akothee said people have been sending the sex tape to her kids also.

“Stop running away from reality, and sending rubbish in my inbox the sex tape taking rounds is not mine.”

“As for those sending the same to my children, what do you want to achieve, you think they don’t know their mother? You who is a fool and can’t even see, that that face isn’t mine, you are too horny and only focusing on the ugly mjulubeng , how about if I take action on you , then you will say ,its money or fame,🤷,” she said.

Not me


She went on to delete the post after insisting that people should stop tieing her to the sextape claiming it’s her while they can see very well it’s not.

“I thought I don’t need a sex tape since I always walk naked, so there are some of my body parts you really want to see. Listen if any of my sex tapes leaks, definitely you gona see a white hand and a white mjulubeng,” she confessed.


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