Akothee celebrates 41st birthday on board expensive Yacht

Akothee may have turned 41 years about 3 months ago but this doesn’t mean she’s stopped celebrating her journey into the 4th floor. I mean, she has all the money she needs (but keeps working harder for more) her girls are grown and independent; while the boys are living large in Europe. Talk of blessings on blessings.

Singer Akothee enjoying life at its best

Of course having had her kids while still young means she’s got to grow with them and looking at how they relate – let’s just say they’re more of friends but…with boundaries.

Anyway thanks to Akothee’s latest post – we have reason to believe that she’s currently celebrating her 41st birthday somewhere in Europe. Madam boss made this known after sharing a couple of photos enjoying herself on a private yacht to which she captioned;

Akothee enjoying vacation

This is how you should celebrate your 41st birthday, 4th floor is no joke, it must be respected ????????Done with educating my girls. The boys are safe. What else in life ?

Life at 40

Mmh well, like we’ve always said – Akothee is one wealthy business lady most Kenyan celebrities (both men and women) can’t compete with. She is on her own level and lane which is no secret.

However having struggled while young to fend for her girls, she didn’t get to enjoy life that much; but and that she’s past that stage – all Akothee wants to do at 41 is live life to the fullest.

Esther Akothee living large

The little girl Esther Akoth Kokeyo
My S”” life just begun. ????????????
You can take this to the nearest bank
@akotheesafaris thank you for this adventure

Madam boss at 41

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