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“Mad woman you don’t listen to doctors” Akothee’s daughter and Zari Hassan worried about Akothee’s behavior

April 05, 2018 at 07:20
"Mad woman you don't listen to doctors" Akothee's daughter and Zari Hassan worried about Akothee's behavior

Akothee was readmitted to hospital just days after she released her new song ‘Oyoyo’. The singer has been in and out of hospitals in the past weeks.

Akothee was first admitted to hospital a fortnight ago. Doctors recommended that she takes two weeks compulsory bed rest but she didn’t heed to the advice.

“The only disease I suffer from is FATIGUE ! Forgot myself in the last few months till my system shut down ! Compulsory bed rest ??? will be back ?take care of yourselves till mama come back online,” wrote Akothee when she was first admitted.

Hospital dance

The mother of five was readmitted to a Kisumu hospital a few days ago after she felt unwell again. But she was not even taking a rest even when she was in hospital.

Akothee was seen dancing like a wild cat from her hospital bed in a video she uploaded on social media. Her daughter Vesha Okello and Zari Hassan expressed their worry over Akothee’s health after seeing the video.

“Take it easy ma. We still need you in one piece,” Zari Hassan commented on Akothee’s video.

“Madwoman…you dont even listen to the doctor @akotheekenya” Vesha Okello wrote.



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