Akothee Enjoys Honeymoon in Greece, Addresses Critics

Singer Akothee is currently enjoying her honeymoon in Greece, and she has been sharing photos of her trip on social media. In one post, she addressed her critics, who have been asking about her husband’s whereabouts.

“I had no idea where we were going until we landed in Zurich,” Akothee wrote. “I’m so happy to be married to a European who acts like a Luo. Where are all my critics now? Your premium tears are loading.”

Akothee also anticipated her critics’ next move.

“You’re all going to be waiting for a baby bump,” she wrote. “I love how my life is your full-time job. Good morning, people.”

Akothee has shared photos enjoying her honeymoon alongside Omosh in  Santorini, Greece | Pulselive Kenya

Akothee’s honeymoon is a much-needed break from her busy schedule. She is a successful singer, businesswoman, and mother of five. She has been open about her struggles in life, and she has inspired many people with her story.

Akothee’s honeymoon is a reminder that she is a strong and independent woman who deserves to be happy. She is living her best life, and she is not going to let anyone rain on her parade.

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