Akothee finally addresses the whereabout of her missing husband

Akothee’s fans are concerned about her husband’s whereabouts as he has been absent from her social media timeline for several months.

Akothee and Dennis Schweizer got married in April 2023 in a lavish ceremony that drew a lot of attention. However, Schweizer has since disappeared from the public eye, leaving fans puzzled about his current location and activities.

One of Akothee’s followers recently asked her about her husband’s well-being, and she responded by saying that her business is more important to her than her relationship. She also warned the fan that she would block him if he continued to pry into her personal life.

Akothee first publicized her relationship with Schweizer in 2022, but she has kept most of their relationship private. She has said that her husband and his family are private people, and that they do not live a social media lifestyle.

Akothee’s fans are worried that something may be wrong with her marriage, but she has not given any indication that this is the case. It is possible that Schweizer is simply busy with his own work and personal life, and that he is choosing to stay out of the spotlight.

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