Akothee gushes over her humiliated ex, Nelly Oaks

Akothee, a well-known stage name for Kenyan singer Esther Akoth, has said that her manager Nelly Oaks, who was once her lover, will always be a part of her family.

During the opening of her daughter Vesha Okello’s new company, Chateau 254 Cellar & Gastro Club, Akothee spoke with Nairobi News and praised Nelly Oaks.

“To me, Nelly will never be an ex. That’s all, allow me to dance,”

As she joined Oaks and other celebs on the dance floor, Akothee said,

The man behind my brand, my best friend. He has a big heart, and handling me with all my drama is a huge task. Nelly is family, and we come from far. His grandfather left a legacy in my community.”

Akothee expressed her sincere gratitude to Oaks for his everlasting support and dedication to her family in her address.

“When you see Nelly around me, I don’t care what you want to think. He takes care of my children and goes out with them.”

Vesha began a new chapter as she began her entrepreneurial adventure with the event, which was attended by a number of celebrities and well-wishers.

Even after their romantic connection ended, Akothee and Oaks have continued to share a close relationship and friendship.

In addition to sharing her personal experience of parenting her children by herself, Akothee gave advice to single mothers at the occasion.

“You don’t become a single mother by choice. My children understood the assignment and decided to play a child’s role. Being a single mother, you make decisions by yourself, ask yourself questions, call yourself a board meeting leading everything.”

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