Akothee Introduces Her New Mzungu Bae (Photo)

Kenyan musician and entrepreneur Esther Akoth(Akothee) has had it rough when it comes to baby daddies and relationships. She’s among the numerous flashy Kenyan socialites who have had to raise kids on their own just because of toxic baby daddies, who are not willing to settle down with their baby mama.

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Akothee’s Baby Daddies

Akothee already has 5 children with different baby daddies despite being heartbroken several times. She has had numerous wazungus on the list, who have left her in the lurch. Most netizens believe that her wealth was sponsored by them. She has several homes both in Kenya and abroad- not forgetting to mention she has her daughter Fancy Makadia studying abroad- she has the money anyway. And she doesn’t mind spending- talk about being a spend-thrift. And to make things intriguing, she’s among the most sought after female celebrities in Kenya. She’s the 2nd most followed Kenyan female celebrities with a whooping 3.2 million followers.

Akothee’s New Catch

The Akothee Safaris CEO has now publicly introduced her new mzungu bae, months after announcing her fall-out with her former manager Nelly Oaks. She posted a sneak peak of the new catch via her IG stories. She captioned his photo and wrote;

Mmm Orpa,I want your confidence hiyo tu kwa sasa, orpa reminds me of those rich kids that would drive there annoying toy cars on visitors heads , zzzzzzzz , zzzzzzzz , na sa hiyo kwao wame pika tu spaghetti ????
Orpa stop”

The singer had confessed her love for children while she was in a relationship with Nelly Oaks. The big question remains- Will she have a kid with her new bae?

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