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Akothee Is Learning The Hard Way- She Should Avoid Posting Her Private Life On Social Media

December 28, 2022 at 11:42
Akothee Is Learning The Hard Way- She Should Avoid Posting Her Private Life On Social Media

A few days ago, Akothee had a miscarriage that she has been lamenting greatly about for days. The mother of 5 was on the verge of welcoming her first born in tandem with her new mzungu bae monikered ‘Omondi’.

But their happiness was short-lived following the miscarriage. It was actually a surprise to us that Akothee hasn’t hit meno-pause yet. Either way, her love for kids is just impeccable. She has been confessing the same for months. And her dream was to add another kid to her household.

Akothee is always confident in whatever she does; until her recent loss. It drained her so much that she couldn’t help but to share.

Akothee admitted to hospital

She narrated her loss & how doctors responded to the situation;

”This was the most useless feeling
I hated my thing hunged ontop . And the doctors will just be doing their thing when I am dead 😭😭😭😭😭.
Reaching this stage was traumatic. Omondi said NO and was in total confusion.
He was wondering why I have to be taken in for D& C yet our baby already dropped into the toilet 😭😭. My darling Perez picked it I love you ma 🙏
It took Dr Ndege a whole session of cancelling Omondi on why they also have to put me into deep sleep before the procedure, as for me my only worry was that I might not wake up ,and secondly them seing my thing 🙄🙄 yet I have already lost 💔 sasa Waone kitu yangu for what ? Then I remembered mmm I just waxed a day before Omosh came ,then I remembered again shiiiit they are my fans ,then again I remembered, I need to be cleaned to be safe and again I remembered again AKOTH What doesn’t kiiiiii yu mama Makes you stronger …”, She wrote.

The disturbing thing is, one of her followers had predicted the mis-carriage. And Akothee noted the same. It seems like not everyone has good intentions. And Akothee should avoid posting her private life on social media.


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